If you imagine your website as a building, Design is the basic structure on which you raise walls and roof. The nuances and intricacies of building a website to accommodate all features, functionalities and performance aspects depend upon highly-technical basic design. Professionals at iPistis Technologies undertake global assignments for website creation for numerous niches, fields, subjects, purposes and businesses. The ultimate objective being construction and delivery of a fully functional successful website, our services branch out as follows:

1. Website Design

Website building process starts from slicing the digital image chosen and given to us for basic design; coding and marking up with the appropriate computer language like HTML; and programming to load the web content into the basic design, neatly and flawlessly and finally check and recheck the functionality of the website. Our professional designers bestow maximum care in every one of the above stages, for each and every website built.

2. Responsive Web Designing

Rapid changes have taken place in Web Designing Technology, arising out of introduction of numerous computing devices, like notebook computers and smart phones; innumerable sophisticated web servers; and latest Operating Systems like Android etc. So the websites of today have to answer the challenges faced by these upgraded technology advances, and make them accessible by all the browsers in the world, and respond to all the computing devices and their screens instantly. Our experts employ this Responsive Web Designing technology.

3. Mobile Website Designing

Future of website accessibility revolves around Smart Phones. Therefore websites should appear on the Smart Phone screens, loading faster in micro-seconds. Besides, the web pages should adjust themselves automatically according to the size of the device screen, small, medium and big with excellent clarity and visibility. This magic is provided by our experts at the web designing stage.

4. Graphic Design

Eye-pleasing Graphics in a website are effective thousand times more than words. Our experienced Graphic Designers mix various combinations of text, symbols and images by using visual arts, typography and page lay-out, and help them get inducted into your website by our web developers. Here again, these Graphics are designed to appear pixel-perfect without distortion in every computing screen by our experts.

5. CMS Based Website Designing

Configuration and implementation of Content Management System solutions has to be done at the web designing stage. There are number of CMS software and templates available online, which enable the website owner control, change and manage the web content as and when they like (without any technical knowledge). Our experts painstakingly customize the CMS framework, platform, software and solutions, choosing the best for the website owner’s requirements individually, and induct them into the website built.