Google Panda Recovery Services

To search for a trusted SEO company in Delhi that can conveys great Google Panda Recovery Services? iPistis is the name to believe regarding the matter of liberating your site from the grasp of Google Panda. A considerable measure of top positioning sites have tumbled down the search chart and just Panda Recovery Services can assist to restore the same energy that existed before the Google Panda Updates on monthly basis. Due to this panda update numerous site’s rankings dropped and traffic fallen down. They were supplanted by sites that offered extraordinary, unique and rich substance.

How would you get back on top for your keywords?

This is the place our SEO team comes in. They will review your site and understand all problems with your web site content, anchor texts, meta tags and back links of particular website. Look at the Panda Recovery SEO Plan underneath for entire details

Google Panda Recovery SEO Plan

Review and Analysis

  • Baseline Rank Checking
  • Review website Content
  • Analysis internal back links of website
  • Analysis external back links of website
  • Check status of redirect web pages
  • Regular check on broken links of website
  • Regular check on Google crawler and indexing
  • Analysis of duplicate Meta Tag

Plan of Action

  • Replace duplicate content with unique and seo friendly content, we charge 10$ per page.
  • Change duplicate meta tags – up to 5- 10 pages
  • Replace internal Link (Anchor text variation) – for 5 – 10 keywords
  • Change unnatural back links using Google Disavow tool (up to 500- 1000 back links)
  • Submission of reconsideration request in Google Webmaster after fixing duplicate content and inorganic backlinks
  • Send report weekly basise

If your website is really big having more than 10 pages or e-commerce site then please send an email ……….. before starting project with us.

We, at iPistis give Google Panda Recovery Services that are successful as well as very useful in the reasonable extent. Our SEO experts will nearly investigate all problems that remove your back links and devise a usage technique to rapidly alter the issues. Be that as it may, the Panda Recovery SEO Plan may not be enough to invert the general effect.

Next Steps

If you need us to get back your rankings and guarantee that your site recovers the lost traffic, then you need to take after these steps:

1. Add high quality content to your site

Google Panda upgrade has made it pass that just those sites with predominant quality content will get perceivably and extraordinary rankings. We exceedingly prescribe incorporating a site and frequently add matching content, well research and drawing in content. You can pick one of our SEO Copywriting Packages to get unique content.

2. Promote your website with a Google compliant SEO Package

iPistis has constantly step ahead regarding the matter of staying informed concerning Google Updates and guaranteeing we change our seo bundles to stay consistent. Pick one of our Google compliant SEO plans for promotion your site and rest guaranteed you will NEVER be hit by a Google Update again!

3. Go Social

In the event that you’ve got great engagement on Social Media, particularly Google Plus, Google is snappy to get the signs. You will be shocked what a noteworthy effect Social has on your rankings. Look at our Social Media plans in Delhi.